Bujar Dugolli is a full time professor at the University of Prishtina in the subjects of: Modern Albanian History I, Modern Albanian History II, History of political system and Oral History, in the Department of History, within the faculty of Philosophy. He is married and the father of two children. He lives and works in Prishtina - the Republic of Kosovo.


Born in Nekoc, in the region of Drenica (Gllogoc), he completed elementary school in his hometown and secondary school in nearby Gllogoc. After completion of secondary education he registered in the University of Prishtina in the academic year of 1989. However, the Yugoslav communist regime of that period suspended his studies due to the fact that he came from a family that actively participated in demonstrations of 1989/90 against the suppression of Kosovo's Autonomy by the Serbian Republic. This prohibition lasted until the reorganization of the University of Prishtina as the University of the Republic of Kosovo, when he re-enrolled in academic year 1992, this time at the School of Philosophy, department of History, where he graduated in 1998. Soon thereafter he completed postgraduate studies in History of the New Age and obtained the title: Master of History Science on 29.03.2004 at the University of Prishtina and later the title: Doctor of Historical Sciences on 13.07.2007 also at the University of Prishtina.


He has published three scientific monographs and a series of scientific research papers, editorials, and articles of a political-historical and economic nature in both local and international scientific journals. 


The beginning of his political career was preceded by his engagement in organizational activities of the students at the University of Prishtina through the most difficult period of its survival. In 1995, he was elected the President of the Independent Union of Students of the School of Philosophy and as a member of the Science-Educational Council.


After a successful organizational work with students of the School of Philosophy and involvement in student activities at the University of Prishtina, he gained the confidence of students to lead the organization. On 04.02.1997 he was elected President of the Independent Union of Students of the University of Prishtina and at the same time a member of the Senate of the UP until 1999. He was leader of non-violent movement of students in Kosovo during 1997-1999, a movement known for its resistance against the Serbian regime of Milosevic. Because of his political activity, he was persecuted, arrested, and seriously assaulted several times by the Serbian authorities.


The triumph and the success of student protests in 1997/99 made him an important factor in the political scene in Kosovo and as student leader represented the University of Prishtina and  Kosovo institutions at many different national and international institutions on both governmental and nongovernmental levels.

He was member of Kosovo's negotiating process delegation at Rambouillet-Paris in 1999. In Kosovo's Provisional Government that emerged after the Rambouillet process he served as Minister of Youth and Sports from 1999-2000.

From December 2004 until January 2008 he served as Minister of Trade and Industry in Kosovo Government.

He has been elected as member of the Kosovo Assembly in three consecutive legislatures from the year 2001 to 2010.

Since July 2012 he has served as the elected Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prishtina until the September of 2020.

Actually he is a member of Academic Senate of University of Prishtina.