Albanian – Serbian Relations 1878 - 1912

This scientific monograph treats Albanian – Serbian relations during the very delicate period for both nations. Archived documents of Albanian, Serbian, and Austro-Hungarian provenience are the fundamentals on which this book was written. The book has a preface, introduction, four chapters, conclusions, chronology of events, sources and literature, and has 376 pages. It was published by the University of Prishtina, 2011.

The opinions of reviewers for this monograph can be read in the following paragraphs:
Monograph " Albanian –Serbian Relations 1878-1912", represents a significant achievement in historical studies. It is interesting, primarily for the subject treated, an attractive subject for study circles, as well as for the general public pro- history. Albanians and Serbs are two neighboring nations, but their history rather than the cooperation of friendship, is charged with enmity, strife and tension, especially because of greed Serbian official circles.
Dr. Bujar Dugolli has reached to disclose, in many dimensions, the Serbian state policy towards the Albanian National Movement, as well as against Albanians in general. He has managed to rebuild a compelling true story of Albanian-Serb relations, through a clear natural confession, based on analysis and interesting interpretations, using facts of multiple data, dredged from archival and bibliographic important sources.
Prof. Dr. Ferit Duka
Dr. Bujar Dugolli`s work "Albanian-Serbian Relations 1878-1912" treats the most dynamic years of Albanian modern history. In this regard, the issue of Albanian-Serb relations is among the most delicate issues of historiography, for both Albanian and Serbian historiography. Albanian -Serbian relations in the years 1878-1912 were developed from the perspective of natural cooperation between the two neighboring nations, but unfortunately from the perspective of the hegemonic logic of the Serbian state policy in relation to ethnic Albanian lands. The value of the author's monograph lies precisely in the fact that he came through Albanian, Serb and others archival documentation, to unmask the arguments and scientific objectivity policies and ongoing antialbanian projects of the Kingdom of Serbia, which marked out the path of relations strained between the two Balkan nations for the following century.
Prof. Dr. Masar Rizvanolli
Monograph of  Dr. Sc. Dugolli titled "Albanian-Serbian Relations 1878-1912" presents a valuable contribution to historiography on Serbian-Albanian relations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Through the use of archival documents of different provinces he draw logical conclusions, stable arising from scientific review of this documentation, the author of this monograph sheds new light on a number of relevant moments in Albanian -Serbian relations, rejecting both subjective and anti handling Serbian historiography of the XIX and XX centuries.
Prof. Dr. Gazmend Rizaj



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